Rotaflex Investments (Pty) Ltd - Privacy Notice


In compliance with the Protection of Personal Information Act 4 of 2013 (herein after referred to as “POPIA”), Rotaflex Investments (Pty) Ltd (herein after referred to as “Rotaflex”) collects and processes various types of personal information for the fulfilment of its services and the functioning of the complex, business park or centre.

We strive to ensure that the use of your personal information or personal data is lawful, and relevant to our business activities.

Rotaflex is the managing agent and data controller for the following entities, and this privacy notice is applicable to:

  • Bell Drive Crossing Shopping Centre
  • Country Life Park
  • Douglas Green Building
  • Eagle Park
  • Micro Park office and warehousing units
  • Kyalami Business Park (KMC)
  • Kyalami Heights Business Park
  • Kyalami on Main Shopping Centre
  • Kyalami storage units
  • Kyalami View Business Park
  • Rotaflex Investments
  • Samrand storage units
  • Stock & Property office and warehousing units
  • Tuscan Place office and warehousing units

Why we collect your information

As managing agents, we may collect and use your personal information to:

  • establish and verify your identity;
  • create your tenant account and ensure it doesn’t duplicate an existing account;
  • maintain and update our database;
  • raise rent, levies, service charges, penalties, interest and other related charges asoutlined in the signed lease, addendum to the lease, authorised and signed variationof the lease and/or amendment to the lease;
  • send out statements monthly and as and when requested;
  • process payments to your account by way of debit order or credit card;
  • communicate with you in various ways, such as email, telephonically, SMSnotifications, instant messaging or other notifications to your device (e.g. on-screenpop-up messages);
  • perform credit reference checks, including consumer and business, with a creditbureau;
  • inform you of any legal and collection processes;
  • send owner/tenant correspondence including but not limited to meeting notices;
  • comply with the law or other reasonable legal process; statutory and regulatoryrequirements;
  • provide access control and security;
  • provide general maintenance, garden, security and other related services;
  • providing adequate insurance coverage.

What information is collected?

Rotaflex will require information to draw up the lease, addendum to the lease, written variation of the lease and/or amendments to the lease, and such information will include:

  • For individuals, sole proprietors, partnerships:
    • full names and surname;
    • date of birth;
    • identity number or passport number;
    • contact details including contact numbers and email address;
    • physical address;
    • bank account details (if on debit order);
    • credit card details (if payment is made by this method);
    • vehicle make and registration number (if applicable);
    • next of kin emergency contact details including contact numbers and email address;
    • for a residential complex – occupant/s full names, contact details and identity number or passport number.
  • For companies, close corporations, trusts:
    • company or trust registration details;
    • company information as registered with CIPC;
    • tax and VAT numbers;
    • purpose of business;
    • full names and surname or directors, members or trustees;
    • dates of birth;
    • identity numbers or passport numbers;
    • contact details including contact numbers and email address;
    • physical addresses;
    • bank account details (if on debit order);
    • credit card details (if payment is made by this method);
    • vehicle make and registration number (if applicable).

Your personal information may also be used to obtain a credit check report which may be used for the following purposes:

  • For credit reference checks;
  • to use your financial information obtained in the credit check report, including your credit history;
  • to provide the following information to any registered credit bureau:
    • information about your agreement with Rotaflex and/or its entities;
    • information about your tenant account;
    • details of any default should you not comply with your lease agreement;
    • any false information which you provide.

How long will we retain your information for?

Rotaflex will retain your information collected from you for 10 (ten) years after the termination of the signed lease, addendum to the lease, written authorised and signed variation of the lease and/or amendment to the lease, and Rotaflex may keep some or all of your personal information if and for as long as:

  • it is required by law, a code of conduct and a contract with you to keep it;
  • it is reasonably required for lawful purposes relating to our functions and activities;
  • it is required for evidentiary purposes.

Disclosure of your personal information

Rotaflex will not disclose your personal information for commercial gain or otherwise, unless your permission has been received.

Rotaflex may disclose or share your personal information:

  • with our affiliates;
  • with contractors if and to the extent they need to know that information;
  • in order to enforce or apply any contract between you and us;
  • with our insurance brokers and their approved contractors so as to process insurance claims;
  • with a credit bureau;
  • in order to protect our rights, property or safety of other tenants, employees, contractors or other authorised third party.


Rotaflex stores information on secure servers or those of our trusted partner sites. Where so ever possible, we implement generally accepted technical measures to protect your personal data but, unfortunately, the transmission of information via the internet is not completely secure and we cannot guarantee 100% security of your data transmitted to our servers using the internet. Rotaflex will take reasonable technical measure to secure the integrity of your personal information.

Your rights

Your rights in terms of POPIA include:

  • access to a copy of your information that is held about you. Access to this information may be subject to an administration fee if your requests are unfounded, excessive or repetitive;
  • ensuring that data held about you is correct;
  • asking that certain data held about you is erased, unless in contravention of any laws or codes of conduct;
  • lodging a complaint if you are concerned about the way your personal information is captured, treated or processed.

Changes to this privacy notice

Rotaflex may change this notice from time to time and will post the changes on our website, and take reasonable practicable steps to ensure your awareness of such.

Version 1.0

Effective Date: 01 July 2021